New EIEL Guest Lecture announced: Maria Cristina Carta on the European Green Deal

We are proud to announce the first guest lecture of the EIEL Jean Monnet Module in the 2020/2021 academic year. On 3 May 2021, starting at 3pm CEST, we will welcome Dr Maria Cristina Carta, Research Fellow in European Union Law at the Department of Law of the University of Sassari.

Her lecture, which will take place online in the light of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions affecting the University of Siena, will examine the legal aspects of the European Green Deal, the new EU’s growth strategy presented by the Commission in December 2019 aimed at achieving climate neutrality by 2050 through a better coordination of environmental, economic and social policies. Dr Carta will devote special attention to the sectors of intervention, the financial instruments and the social perspectives of this strategy, with particular reference to the recent proposal for a European climate law and to the Just Transition Mechanism. Moreover, she will discuss whether or not the Deal constitutes a useful tool to achieve full recognition of the right to a healthy environment in the EU.

At the University of Sassarsi, Carta currently teaches International and EU law and Protection of Human Rights in the European Union. She has been a visiting research fellow at several European institutions and universities, and is a member of a number of international research groups in the areas of international and European law and human rights. In addition to several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, she published her first monograph in 2018 (Dalla Libertà di Circolazione alla Coesione Territoriale nell’Unione Europea, Jovene Ed.)

All EIEL keynote and guest lectures are usually held in Italian and hosted by the Department of Law of the University of Siena, where they are open to the public but also constitute a part of the EIEL module’s teaching programme. Until COVID-19 restrictions on live events are lifted, EIEL keynote and guest lectures take place online. Unlike EIEL webinars, which are broadcasted directly on YouTube Live, lectures take place in a Google Meet’s virtual classroom, and require registration.

To register for this lecture, visit the following Eventbrite link.