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Prof. Riccardo Pavoni
Stanza 45, II Piano
Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza
via P.A. Mattioli 10
53100 Siena (Italy)

office hours: Tuesdays, hrs 11.00-13.00
phone: +39 0577 233194

Contact Information

Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza
UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Siena
Via P.A. Mattioli 10
53100 Siena (Italy)
Phone: +39 0577 233194
Office Hours: Tuesdays, hrs 11.00-13.00

Who we are

The EIEL module, hosted by the University of Siena, aims to provide students, practitioners and civil society with in-depth knowledge about the state of the art of European and international environmental law and policy, its achievements and challenges, and its interaction with emerging environmental issues and landmark intergovernmental processes.