Academic Staff

Riccardo Pavoni

Riccardo is a Professor of International and EU Law at the University of Siena (since 2005). He has been teaching EU Law and International Law for more than fifteen years, both at his home institution and at various national and international educational institutions.

A key area of Riccardo’s research activities is international and EU environmental law, with a focus on its interconnections with other fields, such as economic law and human rights. He has published widely about these topics with leading international journals and publishers. He has coordinated a number of European and national research projects, and most recently led the implementation of the Jean Monnet Module in European Union Law and Sustainable Development (EULawSD).

Within the EIEL Module, he acts as academic coordinator and is the core lecturer of the Module.


Elisa Morgera

Elisa Morgera is Professor of Global Environmental Law and Director of the One Ocean Hub, an independent, global programme for collaborative research for sustainable development. She specializes in international, European and comparative environmental law, with a particular focus on the interaction between biodiversity law and human rights (particularly those of indigenous peoples and local communities), equity and sustainability in natural resource development, oceans governance, and corporate accountability. Elisa has also researched extensively the environmental dimensions of the external relations of the European Union.

Elisa has a PhD in international law from the European University Institute and an LLM in Environmental Law from University College London. Since 2015, she has been holding the honorary post of Adjunct Professor of International and European Environmental Law at the University of Eastern Finland. Prior to joining Strathclyde University, Elisa was Professor of Global Environmental Law at Edinburgh University Law School, where she was based since 2009.

Elisa acts as key teaching staff member of the EIEL Module.


Sonia Carmignani

Sonia is Full Professor of Agricultural Law at the Department of Law of the University of Siena, where she teaches courses on Food Law, Agri-environmental Law and Agrarian Law, and has served since 2010 as a Delegate of the Rector to Academic Affairs at the University of Siena. In addition, Sonia is a component of the Teaching Commission of the Italian Conference of University Rectors.

She has been the scientific supervisor for a number of international and national research projects, including ‘Agricultural policy and regional competences’ (PRIN 2005) and ‘Agriculture in the system of production of safe assets: food and energy’ (PRIN 2008). Sonia is a Member of the Editorial Board of the journal ‘Agricultural and environmental law and jurisprudence’, the ‘Agrarian Law Journal’ and the ‘Agribusiness Law Journal’. She is an associate of the Institute of International and Comparative Agrarian Law (IDAIC).

Sonia acts as key teaching staff member of the EIEL Module.


Gabriele Salvi

Gabriele is Senior Researcher in Civil Law at the Department of Law of University of Siena where he teaches a course on Agri-environmental Law. Having graduated from the University of Firenze (J.D., cum laude, with a thesis on environmental damage), he was admitted to the Italian Bar. He then continued his studies and obtained a Ph.D. in Civil Law at the University of Firenze (2009).

He held one-year research fellowships at the University of Calabria (2015) and at University of Siena (2017). He also taught a course at the University of Salerno on “Forme privatistiche e interessi pubblici” (2016). In 2013, he obtained the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor of Private Law and, in 2018, as Full Professor of Private Law. He is the author of several scientific publications, including 3 books, book chapters and peer-reviewed articles.

Gabriele acts as key teaching staff member.


Dario Piselli

Dario is an an affiliated researcher at the Centre for International Environmental Studies of the Graduate Institute of Geneva. A graduate of the Graduate Institute of Geneva (PhD in International Law), the University of Siena (JD) and the London School of Economics (MSc in Environment and Development), his main areas of expertise are international and European biodiversity law, climate change, global health, and science-policy interfaces. 

From 2012 to 2019 he collaborated with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network in a variety of roles, gaining significant knowledge of international policy issues and and experience of the negotiations on both the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement. From 2017 to 2020 he was the programme manager of the Jean Monnet in European Union Law and Sustainable Development. From 2016 to 2018, he was also a Research Officer for the Global Health Centre of the Graduate Institute of Geneva. He is presently a member of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management and the European Environmental Law Forum.

Dario acts as a key teaching staff member and manages the overall activities of the module.

email: dario.piselli@unisi.ittwitter: @dariopiselli

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Who we are

The EIEL module, hosted by the University of Siena, aims to provide students, practitioners and civil society with in-depth knowledge about the state of the art of European and international environmental law and policy, its achievements and challenges, and its interaction with emerging environmental issues and landmark intergovernmental processes.